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From Andrew Perez-Lopez <>
Subject Re: ejbjar, jar, and manifests with JBoss
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 13:53:04 GMT

Thanks very much for your help.  I'm half-way there now...

I got the manifest attribute to work, but not completely.  It seems to 
ignore my Class-Path attribute.  When I use the jar task with the same 
manifest attribute, it creates a jar with the proper attributes, but the 
ejbjar task seems to ignore Class-Path (though it catches other ones). 

Here's the ant I'm using for the ejbjar:

            <jboss />
                <fileset dir="${lib.dir}" >
                    <include name="*.jar" />
            <include name="**/*ejb-jar.xml" />

Here's the manifest file (the quotes are to help capture white-space, 
they're not actually in the file)

'Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: Me
Class-Path: heyya.jar'

And here's what is in the jar's when ejb-jar's done:

'Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: Me


Any ideas on how to get the classpath to show up there?  Also, you 
mentioned per-bean manifests.  As that's not documented either, do you 
have any hints for how that works, or any references to give?

Thanks very much,


Conor MacNeill wrote:

>Andrew Perez-Lopez wrote:
>>Hey all,
>>I'm working with EJBs using JBoss 4.x and Ant 1.6.5.  I'm trying to set
>>the Class-Path of the manifests of a big bunch of EJBs to a set of
>>libraries that I've included in my EAR file.  I can get ejbjar to
>>generate all my jars, which is very nice, but since the ejbjar task
>>doesn't allow for specification of a manifest file, 
>The ejbjar task does allow for the specification of a manifest file. Use
>the manifest attribute. It's not documented :-) It is also possible for
><ejbjar> to pick up a per-bean manifest file
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Andrew Perez-Lopez
BBN Technologies

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