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From Kai Hendry <>
Subject Re: Manifestations
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 06:23:49 GMT
Rainer Noack wrote:

>Both manifest entries are often used.
>1) Class-path: lists "required" jars (typically if one application consists
>of many jars).
>Many classloaders evaluate this entry.

Yes, couldn't this be automagically generated? It seems to be made by 
hand in my project.

Is there a way in ant to merge the content of two manifest files?

The base one:


And the specific one with the class-path:

Because I don't think you can. :(

>See sun's description of the extension mechanism for details.
>You can manually add the designated jars to your classpath if there is a
>to not use this mechanism.
>2) Main-Class: is used for the jar-version of running java.
>(like: java myjar.jar)
>(Afaik only available on windows)
>Hope that helps
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Kai Hendry [] 
>>Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 7:13 AM
>>To: Ant Users List
>>Subject: Manifestations
>>I'm tracking a project using a manifest in the basedir.
>>  <manifest file="${build.basedir}/MANIFEST.MF">
>>    <attribute name="Build-Master" value="${}"/>
>>    <section name="common">
>>      <attribute name="Build-Version" value="${build.version}"/>
>>      <attribute name="Build-Number" value="${build.number}"/>
>>      <attribute name="Build-Date" value="${}"/>
>> ....
>>Then in each subproject I am adding 
>>manifest="${build.basedir}/MANIFEST.MF" to the jar tasks.
>>So far so good. Though how does one quickly check the manifest from 
>>Windows or any platform for that matter? Extract it and pull out the 
>>manifest? Is there some simple way to parse in the 
>>Build-Version into a 
>>running program?
>>One of the sub projects has an old manually edited 
>>MANIFEST.MF file with 
>>a Class-Path: and Main-Class: definitions. I thought this can't be 
>>serious. Can't Java/JAR files track their own classes by 
>>themselves? I 
>>don't see it on other JARs...
>>Manifest-Version: 1.0
>>Class-Path: jbossall-client.jar log4j.jar 
>>commons-logging.jar xml-apis.jar ....
>>Main-Class: soltec.blah.blah.blah
>>So I removed them since two manifest lines (hoping they would 
>>merge) in 
>>the jar task didn't work. Though once testing this sub 
>>project, it seems 
>>to not work without this Main-Class and Class-path defined in 
>>the manifest!
>>Now, is that because it's hard coded into my source code or do Java 
>>programs really need these Class-Path defs in the manifest?
>>Shouldn't they be auto-generated if required?
>>And , is there a way of merging manifests in Ant?
>>Btw I am using Apache Ant version 1.6.4 compiled on May 19 2005
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