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From Gilles QUERRET <>
Subject Nested element problem in custom task
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 19:52:09 GMT

Short story : I have an issue when adding a child element to its father 
: child's attribute are not set when in addChild(Child element) method...

-- build.xml fragment --
   <Child attribute="value" />
   <Child attribute="value2" />

In the classfile for Child, there's a setAttribute(String) method.
In the classfile for MyTask, there's a addChild(Child) method.
When the task is run, I enter the addChild method, with a newly created 
Child object, but attribute's value is null.

Question : is this the normal behavior ? I just want to create a HashMap 
with this attribute as a key, and the Child object as value. Or is there 
  another place where I should create my HashMap ?



PS : please also CC me, I'm not a ant-user subscriber.

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