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From Thomas Matthijs <>
Subject classpath comfusion ?
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 00:30:59 GMT

A few questions:

When invoking ant with only ant-launcher.jar on the 
localclasspath(java) it automaticly picks up tasks in ANT_LIB, but when
i add ant.jar or some ant-* (optional tasks) (located in ant_lib) too the
localclasspath it no longer seems too pick up any other jars in
ant_lib (not in localcp)

I've been looking at the code and can't see how it would make a

The fedora run script seems to add ant.jar and ant-launcher.jar and all
optional jars too the localclasspath aswwel. Debian does the same if i'm
not mistaken. Are they doeing the wrong thing?
On fedora the optional jars are not in ANT_LIB like where they are on 
my (gentoo) install. Can that have anything todo with it? (Not when i
tested it)

The normal scripts/ant seems to only want ant-launcher on the classpath

What is the 'correct' way todo it ? i'm comfused.

I'm probably missing something obvious :/

What is the recommended way too add opitional lib deps
(junit,javamail,etc) ? localcp or symlink/place into ANT_LIB ?

Also -cp $CLASSPATH is passed too ant, why isn't it enought to have it on the 
java cp?

Is there a way to have it ignore optional, when core/optional version
differ instead of just dying?


 Thomas Matthijs (axxo,knu) 

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