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From "S I" <>
Subject Re: ANT <CVS> Task
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:30:15 GMT
Here's then another question:

Normally, I tag cvs repository as soon as I checkout since I do not lock the 
repository during a build.  If I tag after a successful build, don't I take 
the chance of someone checking in code between the time I checked out to 
build's completion?  If someone checked in code while I was building then 
the integrity of my build is questionable, no?

Then again I'm not clear of CVS Tagging architecture, in the sense, that 
whether it matches my local working folder's date/time stamp to the live 
repository and that is what it tags only or tags the live repository at its 
current state?   Which is the case?  Does it matter when a buildmaster tags 
their project?

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From: "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
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Subject: Re: ANT <CVS> Task
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I do not think anybody really cares if you skip few build numbers, but CVS 
tagging can be expensive, so it is better to do it after your build 
successfully finishes.

- Alexey.

S I wrote:
>I have my ant script to tag our cvs repository projects with the build# 
>recursively after modifying couple of files and continue to do the build.  
>However, if the build down the line fails, I do not have any failsafe 
>mechanism to untag or undo, so I could reuse the same tag and since my 
>build.number file is internally incremented already...if I run c:\>ant 
>target target, naturally I'd get the next build#, so on & so forth.  How do 
>I wanna handle this or does it matter when I skip builds and annouce random 
/ Alexey N. Solofnenko

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