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From Kai Hendry <>
Subject Manifestations
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 05:13:29 GMT
I'm tracking a project using a manifest in the basedir.
  <manifest file="${build.basedir}/MANIFEST.MF">
    <attribute name="Build-Master" value="${}"/>
    <section name="common">
      <attribute name="Build-Version" value="${build.version}"/>
      <attribute name="Build-Number" value="${build.number}"/>
      <attribute name="Build-Date" value="${}"/>

Then in each subproject I am adding 
manifest="${build.basedir}/MANIFEST.MF" to the jar tasks.

So far so good. Though how does one quickly check the manifest from 
Windows or any platform for that matter? Extract it and pull out the 
manifest? Is there some simple way to parse in the Build-Version into a 
running program?

One of the sub projects has an old manually edited MANIFEST.MF file with 
a Class-Path: and Main-Class: definitions. I thought this can't be 
serious. Can't Java/JAR files track their own classes by themselves? I 
don't see it on other JARs...

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path: jbossall-client.jar log4j.jar securityservice-ejb-client.jar 
commons-logging.jar xml-apis.jar ....
Main-Class: soltec.blah.blah.blah

So I removed them since two manifest lines (hoping they would merge) in 
the jar task didn't work. Though once testing this sub project, it seems 
to not work without this Main-Class and Class-path defined in the manifest!

Now, is that because it's hard coded into my source code or do Java 
programs really need these Class-Path defs in the manifest?

Shouldn't they be auto-generated if required?

And , is there a way of merging manifests in Ant?

Btw I am using Apache Ant version 1.6.4 compiled on May 19 2005

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