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From Anand Krishniyer <>
Subject Re: xmltask question failWithMatch?
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 21:06:51 GMT
how to fail  a build if a particular node(or attribute of a node) is 
present/matches in the xml. For e,g

       <xmltask source="${sbm.patches.conf.dir}/sbm-patches.xml">
        <call path="sbm-patches/sbm-patch[@id='${}']" 
target="PatchExistsError" inheritAll="true" inheritRefs="true">
            <param name="patchid" path="@id"/>

In PatchExistsError I want to print an error message and fail.
<target name="PatchExistsError">
        <echo message="Patch ${patchid} is already applied. pl remove 
the patch and then reapply."/>
       <!-- NEED TO FAIL HERE-->
If I make it fail here the Xmltask throws an exception which I don't 
want the user to see. I am not able to suppress this exception with 
trycatch task either.

Basically I want to make the build fail if there is a match in the xml 
(opposite of failWithoutMatch attribute in the Xmltask).


Brian Agnew wrote:

> Cool. Thx for the update.
> Anand Krishniyer wrote:
>> Hi Brian
>> Found the problem I was having. The locations in the XML had quotes 
>> in them, thats why I was getting the as string. Removed the quotes 
>> and it works fine.
>> Thanks a lot anyways.
>> Regards
>> Anand
>> Brian Agnew wrote:
>>> So you end up copying to ${val} ? Can you send me your complete 
>>> build.xml (or at least the relevant bits)
>>> Anand Krishniyer wrote:
>>>> What I meant was I can't copy the file to the location using 'val'
>>>> <copy todir="${val} file="${filename}"/>
>>>> Brian Agnew wrote:
>>>>> Sorry. Not sure I understand this. You get val as "e:/3", say ?
>>>>> Anand Krishniyer wrote:
>>>>>> Hi
>>>>>> I have an xml file that has different paths for each file. 
>>>>>> Something like this
>>>>>> <files>
>>>>>>  <file name="a.jar" type="jar">
>>>>>>      <Location>"c:/1"</Location>
>>>>>>      <Location>"c:/2"</Location>
>>>>>>  </file>
>>>>>>  <file name="b.conf" type="conf">
>>>>>>      <Location>"e:/1"</Location>
>>>>>>      <Location>"e:/2"</Location>
>>>>>>      <Location>"e:/3"</Location>
>>>>>>  </file>  </files>
>>>>>> I use XmlTask to iteratively get each location for each file (I 
>>>>>> use "call" to call another target for each location for each 
>>>>>> file). The problem is I get the location as a string, I need it 
>>>>>> as a path to process further.
>>>>>> For e.g I need to copy a.jar to both c:\1 and c:\2 locations. But

>>>>>> when I use
>>>>>> <xmltask>
>>>>>>    <call path="files/file[@name='${jarfilename}']/Location" 
>>>>>> target="DiffTarget">
>>>>>>        <param name="filename" path="../@name"/>
>>>>>>        <param name="val" path="text()"/>
>>>>>>      </call>      </xmltask>
>>>>>> I get the "val" as string, how do I get it as path?
>>>>>> Thanks in advance.
>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>> Anand

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