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From <>
Subject Difference in Ant task output and -log
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 09:38:01 GMT

Does anyone know the reason why the behaviour of running

<exec executable="ant" ....>
 <arg line="-log filename"/>

is different to sepecifying

<ant output="filename" ..../>

in a build file?

The difference I see is that when using the ant task the output of the
sub-build is displayed on the output stream for the main build as well
as being put into the log file, whereas when using the exec I only get
the output sent to the log file.

>From looking at the source code I can see the difference in code (the
ant task adds the output as a build listener, whereas the -log is set
as the default output stream), so I'm assuming it's intentional, but
I'm interested to know how I can use the ant task, but not have the
output sent to the main builds output stream.


Al Sutton


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