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Subject Re: sshexec
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 07:44:23 GMT

16Jun2005 @ 09:05 Stefan Bodewig thusly spake
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, Anil Jacob <> wrote:
> ant-jsch.jar contains the SSH related Ant tasks and is part of Ant's
> binary distribution.  If you build Ant from sources, you won't have
> that jar (well, you will have an empty one) unless you had
> jsch-0.1.20.jar on your CLASSPATH when you compiled Ant.
> jsch-0.1.20.jar contains JSch itself and is required in addition to
> Ant's binary distribution in order to use the SSG related tasks.

Thanks for pointing that out,
now it makes sense.
I did compile ant from source but didn't have jsch-0.1.20.jar in the cp at the

So what I'll do now is download the latest ant source code and compile with
jsch-0.1.20.jar in the cp,
that should do it,

kind regards,

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