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From "Tobias K. Tobiasen" <>
Subject Help on submitting a patch to ant
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 21:40:23 GMT

As you properly know the junit task there are some classloading

I have made a patch that solves these classloader problems. See

I would like to submit the patch. But I am not sure how I do it. I have
read this
But I still have a few questions.

*) Should I make the patch for 1.6.x or 1.7?
*) If you are not forking the junit task you still have to put junit.jar
in the system classpath. Is it OK to change the junit task so it forks a
new process for junit if junit.jar isn't present in the system
classpath? Even if people have fork="false" in the build file? Or is it
more appropriate to fail with an error message that says you have to
fork or add junit.jar to the system classpath.
*) Where is the proper place to post these questions? I have looked at
the archive and it does not seem to be the right

Tobias K. Tobiasen

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