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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject Ant1.5.4: using Andariel Xpath: Provider not found
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 17:22:12 GMT
Related to a previous question of mine, I'm trying to figure out whether
it's practical for me to use Xpath on an XML file and iterate over the
result.  It appears that the "andariel" contrib package may be the
simplest way to get this (along with "foreach" in ant-contrib).  I'm
having trouble getting it to work, however.  I installed saxon6.5.2, and
my taskdef has a classpath referencing both the andariel and saxon jars.
When I run my test, I just get:

javax.xml.parsers.FactoryConfigurationError: Provider not found

After a little more research, it appears this is another symptom (I've
seen this before) of the problem where setting the classpath on a
taskdef isn't enough, it requires me to copy the jar into $ANT_HOME/lib.
When I just copied my saxon.jar file into $ANT_HOME/lib, I was able to
get past this.  I would really prefer to just reference the required
jars in the taskdef itself.  Is this not possible to get around in Ant

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