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From <>
Subject RE: Urgent Help Required:<Exec> Issue with Suse Linux
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 19:01:49 GMT
Why not try this:
<exec executable="bash" output="db2-nagano.txt" append="true">
           <arg line="-c 'db2 -v CONNECT TO dummy USER db2admin USING db2pass &&
db2 -f getNaganoInfo.sql'">

Kapil Bajaj wrote:

>Hi All
>I am facing an issue when I am trying to execute Ant Script in Suse
>Environment. I am using Ant Version 1.6.1. I am using exec Tag in
>Build.xml to make connection to DB2 Database and then using Exec Tag
>to execute a SQL File
><exec executable="db2" output="db2-nagano.txt" append="true">
>           <arg line="-v CONNECT TO dummy USER db2admin USING db2pass"
><exec executable="db2" output="db2-nagano.txt" append="true">
>           <arg line="-f getNaganoInfo.sql" />
>In this case I would like that both Exec Commands should execute in same
>Shell Environment so that Connection made by First Tag can be used by
>However I guess Ant is executing both the Command in different shell
>environment and therefore connection made is not passed to next command
>while executing sql file. Hence I am getting Error for "No Connection
>to database".
>This Script seems to be working perfectly fine in Windows Environment.
>Also If I manually type my Command on prompt at Linux shell then also I
>get correct result. Only when I try to do this task using Ant Script I
>getting this Error which suggest that exec Command is not executing in
>same shell in Linux. Can some one please suggest me workaround for this
>issue as this has become a High Prioroty Issue.

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