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From "Ben Gill" <>
Subject Ant paths
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 18:48:37 GMT

The only reason I am even including Spring.jar - is because Spring API 
supports loading of files using the ant style **/*.xml paths...  (which is 
really useful especially for my custom task..)

But in theory, I should not need to include spring.jar for this support - as 
the logic to map these paths to File resoures must be in the ant core API 

The question is, where are the classes that do this mapping (between path + 
file(s)), are they public, and do they have the interfaces I need?

I currently call: p =

      [] resources = 

                if (resources != null) {

                    info("Loaded [" + resources.length + "] resources from 

                    for (int resourceNum=0; resourceNum < resources.length; 
resourceNum++) {

               resource = 

                        String fileName = 
                        debug("Processing file [" + fileName + "]");

Any help on this would be appreciated - it may save me having to include the 
1.2MB spring.jar file with the distribution..


I am sure there is probably a core Ant class I could use for this support - 
the code must be in there somewhere!

But including spring works anyhow..

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&gt;Subject: Re: Custom Ant Task with 3rd party library dependency
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&gt;In your resource you should not set the classpath. Doing so will
&gt;override the classpath given in the build file and cause ant to be
&gt;So just use:
&gt;  &lt;antlib&gt;
&gt;   &lt;taskdef name=&quot;renamepackages&quot;
&gt;For example:
&gt;package testing;
&gt;import org.springframework.beans.PropertyValue;
&gt;public class UseSpring extends Task {
&gt;    private PropertyValue pv = new PropertyValue(&quot;hello&quot;, 
&gt;    public void execute() {
&gt;        log(&quot;pv is &quot; + pv);
&gt;    }
&gt;  &lt;taskdef name=&quot;usespring&quot; 
&gt;&lt;project name=&quot;testspring&quot; default=&quot;use&quot;&gt;
&gt;  &lt;target name=&quot;jar&quot;&gt;
&gt;    &lt;mkdir dir=&quot;classes&quot;/&gt;
&gt;    &lt;javac srcdir=&quot;src&quot; destdir=&quot;classes&quot;
&gt;    &lt;copy todir=&quot;classes&quot;&gt;
&gt;      &lt;fileset dir=&quot;src&quot; includes=&quot;**/*.xml&quot;/&gt;
&gt;    &lt;/copy&gt;
&gt;    &lt;jar destfile=&quot;usespring.jar&quot;&gt;
&gt;      &lt;fileset dir=&quot;classes&quot;/&gt;
&gt;    &lt;/jar&gt;
&gt;  &lt;/target&gt;
&gt;  &lt;target name=&quot;use&quot; depends=&quot;jar&quot;&gt;
&gt;    &lt;typedef resource=&quot;testing/antlib.xml&quot;
&gt;    &lt;usespring/&gt;
&gt;  &lt;/target&gt;
&gt;Searching for build.xml ...
&gt;Buildfile: /home/preilly/learning/a/spring/build.xml
&gt;    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/preilly/learning/a/spring/classes
&gt;    [javac] Compiling 1 source file to
&gt;     [copy] Copying 1 file to
&gt;      [jar] Building jar:
&gt;[usespring] pv is PropertyValue: name='hello'; value=[world]
&gt;Ben Gill wrote:
&gt;&gt;Hi ,
&gt;&gt;Yes I have tried that (well a variety of this type of thing) and it
&gt;&gt;is not working for me...
&gt;&gt;In my 'main' build.xml file I do this:
&gt;&gt;&lt;typedef resource=&quot;org/appfuse/ant/appfuse-contrib.xml&quot;
&gt;&gt;         classpath=&quot;spring.jar;rename-packages-1.0.jar&quot;
&gt;&gt;         uri=&quot;appfuse:/org.appfuse.ant&quot;/&gt;
&gt;&gt;Then, in my appfuse-contrib.xml file I do:
&gt;&gt;&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot;?&gt;
&gt;&gt;   &lt;taskdef name=&quot;renamepackages&quot;
&gt;&gt;            classname=&quot;org.appfuse.ant.RenamePackages&quot;
&gt;&gt;            classpath=&quot;spring.jar&quot;
&gt;&gt;            onerror=&quot;fail&quot;/&gt;
&gt;&gt;But whatever I try setting either classpath to (or even if I use
&gt;&gt;inline classpath, or classpathref), my custom ant task cannot find
&gt;&gt;the spring classes..
&gt;&gt;Is it possible what I am trying to do?  Eric's article + other
&gt;&gt;postings I have read seem to suggest, the only two ways of using
&gt;&gt;3rd party classes from wthin a custom task is to ether a) kick off
&gt;&gt;a new JVM task or b) put the jars in the System classpath (ie.
&gt;&gt;Can anyone confirm either way??
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;From: Ivan Ivanov 
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&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;Subject: Re: Custom Ant Task with 3rd party library 
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&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;Hello Ben,
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;Have you tried with to &amp;lt;taskdef&amp;gt; your custom

task with
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;classpath nested tag:
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;   &amp;lt;classpath&amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;   &amp;lt;!-- location to your jars here --&amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;   &amp;lt;/classpath&amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;HTH Ivan
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt;--- Ben Gill &amp;lt;;gt; wrote:
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Hi,
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; My custom Ant task relies on the Spring jar files,
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; but whatever I try, I get
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; a class not found exception..
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; I read a lot of posts on this and saw Eric's 
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; here:
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; But I cannot believe I have to spawn off a JVM to
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; pick up the spring jar's
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; do I?
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; and I really dont want to force any user that uses
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; my task to copy the jar's
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; into their $ANT_HOME/lib...
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Has anyone got a nice, tidy way of making 3rd 
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; jar files available to a
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; custom task?
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Thanks
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt;&gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
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