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From "S I" <>
Subject RE: Ant Task: sshexec
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 16:04:51 GMT
Yaddi Yadda Yadda Yawn Yawn Yawn ....

You're EXACTLY one of the RUDE condesceding people on this board I speak 

Your replies to everyone,  ALWAYS and without exception, are harsh, dry, as 
a matter of factish, and condescending.  I've NEVER seen you genuinely and 
out of sheer concern to help anyone but ALWAYS POINT THE OBVIOUS, send them 
a few links, and just be just plain rude.

In my personal experiece, people who have a nack of putting others down, do 
it, in order, to feel better about themselves and their personalities 
sometimes border Sadism & they have low self-esteem.  No one person has the 
monopoly on sarcasm and rudeness. Most of us are capable of it but being 
aware of it and trying to fight what makes you a nicer person.

How about, don't be on this board at all or if you're going to hang 
out...try to be nicer and kinder to people?  We DON'T NEED you to point out 
the obvious and we come here for HELP NOT FIGHT.


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Subject: RE: Ant Task: sshexec
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 >I wish those of you who are more knowledgeable than the rest
 >of us NEWBIES,
 >had more patient and explained things more thoroughly, so some
 >day we can be
 >like you guys to pass it on and to help others.  :)

Not being an Ant Guru, I just have something to say:


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