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From Bevan Arps <>
Subject Re: <style> task, Ant 1.6.3 on JDK 1.5
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 09:59:36 GMT
Keith Hatton wrote:

> The 'divide and conquer' strategy would be good here.
> What happens if you run Ant 1.6.3 on JDK 1.4?
> That way you will find out whether it's likely to be the JDK or the Ant
> release that has broken things.

A sterling idea.

It appears that the change from JDK 1.4 to 1.5 is the source of my 
problem - the default XSLT processor included in the JDK changed from 
Xalan to XSLTC.

XSLTC is some variation of Xalan - it's alwso an Apache projects. XSLTC 
is based on some form of compilation - supposed to provide better 
performance, at the expense of higher memory use.

Looks like I need to break out the source code and see what I can do.

Hopefully this weekend (after seeing Revenge of the Sith).

Thanks for the assistance,

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