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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: How do I escape a white space in my nested include?
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 02:07:54 GMT
On 5/16/05, Eric Wood <> wrote:
> I have a dirset which has two listings, one  has a white space in it, but I can't get
the dirset to recognize the fact that there are actually only two directories in my list.
 I'm using one include because there may be a variable number of items in my list for different
modules that use this dirset so I can't merely use separate <include> nested elements.

Well, you just can't. <include>/<exclude> take a single pattern, not a
list of patterns. If you want to pass in an arbitrary number of
directories, you must use the includes attribute of <fileset>/<dirset>
(or possibly includesfile).

Note that I'm not even sure you can use dir names with spaces in
includes, as includes may be tokenized by both comma *and* space. I
rarely use includes, and always with commas, but then I never use it
with filename with spaces.

Note that if your <dirset> is used in a path, it would be better to
use 2 <pathelement location>s, and if you still want to use a
property, use <pathelement path>, which has a more controlled and
usual tokenization policy.


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