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Subject [ANN] Antigen - Ant Installer Generator 0.5 released
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 15:53:28 GMT
The antigen team is pleased to announce the Antigen - Ant Installer Generator 
0.5 release!

Antigen is a tool and a java library for wrapping up Ant scripts in a GUI. You 
are, no doubt, familiar with the power of Ant for writing build scripts, 
deployment scripts and sundry other tasks. Antigen wraps up an Ant script as 
an executable jar file and combines it with a user-friendly GUI. This is 
particularly useful for using Ant to write installers - your end user does not 
need to have Ant installed on his or her machine, and Antigen's GUI is a 
little more friendly than a text-based CLI. 

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Users can now display a simple splash screen. This is handy to cover up the 
  (sometimes long) delay while Antigen is unpacking build files. 
o Properties set in the Antigen file can now be overridden 
  with the -A switch. Issue: 1211291. 
o Antigen unzips the jar file containing the build file into a temporary 
  directory, which is then deleted on termination of the build. This is 
  probably the behaviour you want for an installer, but in other situations 
  you might want to specify the directory. There is now an option in the 
  build config to allow you to do this. Thanks again to Frederic Glorieux for 
  this enhancement. Issue: 1187661. 
o Now can specify finer control over java logging level, and set the default 
  value in the config file. Similarly, can specify a separate value fot the 
  Ant output level. Thanks to Frederic Glorieux for this. Issue: 1187620. 
o Hyperlinks in InfoPanes will now open a browser if possible. Thanks to 
  browserlauncher for this. 

  Fixed bugs:

o Fix to "thin file chooser" bug. Thanks to Frederic Glorieux for this. 
  Issue: 1192526. 
o Can now supply more than one property on the commandline 
o Build logger text is now limited to 40000 chars to avoid OutOfMemory 
o Build logger text is now buffered for greater efficiency. Thanks to 
  Frederic Glorieux for this.  

Have fun!
-The antigen team

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