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From Steve McIntosh <>
Subject multiple compilations
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 19:11:31 GMT

I've been searching around the documentation and this list to try to find
the answer to this question, but I've so far been unsuccessful.

I have a build file that does several separate compilations.  What I'd
like to do is use the MailLogger to send notification of the results of
the build:  successful if all the separate compilations are successful and
failed if any of them fails.  I would not like the build to stop (ie.
failonerror=true) if one of the compilations fails; I want to continue on
compiling the other sections, but still report the whole build as failed.

So far, I've just been using depends in the target definition, but that
doesn't seem to quite do the job.  I think I need to use antcall and/or
set a property based on the results of each compilation, but I haven't
been able to quite work it out.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Below is some psuedo-ant of what I'm doing.  I would like to get a
successful result if compile_a, compile_b, and compile_c succeed, but if,
say, compile_a fails, I would like compile_b and compile_c to execute, but
still report that the build has failed (whether compile_b and compile_c
succeed or not).

<target name="main" depends="create_thing1, create_thing2"/>

<target name="create_thing1" depends="compile_a, compile_b"/>

<target name="create_thing2" depends="compile_c"/>

<target name="compile_a">

<target name="compile_b">

<target name="compile_c">

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