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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: New Feature Request - passwordChar on <input> task
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 09:05:37 GMT
Hello Ninju,

sometimes ago I also tackled down the problem of
entering passwords (sensitive information) via input
task and I documented my attempts in an article called
"Extending Ant Input Abilities". You can find it on
[1], the first one in section articles.

In short, the way Ant reads its input is managed by
the so called InputHandlers (subclasses of I wrote
PasswordInputHandler that replace every letter typed
on the terminal with asterisk (*). Unfortunately,
besides that article I had no time to writre decent

At the time I announce it [2], Dale Anson asked me
whether I would like to contribute
PasswordInputHandler in ant-contrib and I agreed, but
we didn't talked more about this. I still want to
contribute it, so if Ant-Contrib supporters are
reading this and still are interested, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

HTH Ivan

--- Ninju Bohra <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have created some targets that run <sql> tasks and
> for determing the user name & password information
> to use (for the DB login) I use the <input> task,
> i.e.
> <target name="update_build">
>      <input addproperty="" message="What
> is your database name"/>
>      <input addproperty="db.password" message="What
> is your database password"/>
>      <sql>
>           .
>           .
>           .
>      </sql>
> </target>
> It would be great to have an optional attribute of
> the <input> task, let's say called passwordChar,
> that if set would control which character(s) to
> display instead of echoing the keyboard input.  So
> you could use
>      <input addproperty="db.password"
> passwordChar="*" message="What is your database
> password"/>
> and all that would show up as the user types would a
> series of * (astericks)...
> What do you guys think??
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