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From Greg Gimler <>
Subject bug in ant 1.6.3 beta1?
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:53:52 GMT

This is probably the wrong forum to submit a bug for ant so I'll
apologize in advance and hope that someone can redirect me to a more
approrpriate place to discuss bugs.

I've noticed a subtle bug (I think it's a bug anyways) in the way ant
1.6.3 now forks off java processes.  I've compared the behavior
between 1.6.2 and 1.6.3.

My environment is red hat enterprise linux 3 with java 1.4.2.

Steps after untarring attached tarball
1) ant &

This executes an application that performs a sleep, then prints out
some text, followed by a wait call that should hang indefinitely.

In the background it will run and you will see the print statement in
1.6.2 but not 1.6.3.  If you hit enter you'll see that the job goes
into the "Stopped" state in 1.6.3.  If you put it back into the
foreground it will finish executing, it's only when you have it as a
background process that it misbehaves.

So, first of all is this a bug or desired behavior in 1.6.3?  Will it
be fixed before the stable release?



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