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From <>
Subject taskdef classpath problem when invoking ant from java
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 09:10:51 GMT
Hi there.

I have a problem when invoking ant (1.6.1) from a Quartz job which is
scheduled in a webapp

I have placed the following ant jars in the webapps classpath (WEB-INF/lib)

ant-jakarta-log4j.jar  (I attach a Log4jListner to my project)
ant-launcher.jar  (probably not needed)
ant-nodeps.jar   (I only allow the nodeps build in tasks for now )

I use the ProjectHelper to parse the build file similar to whats described in

The ant file that I invoke uses the ant-contrib (<>)
tasks, but Ant fails in <taskdef> since it cannot find the ant contrib resource

I have placed the ant-contrib.jar below WEB-INF/lib along with the
other, so it's on the
webapp's classpath, and if I "manually" add the tasks using
the tasks can be used in the build.xml (that tells me that the
ant-contrib.jar is on the classpath of the quartz thread)

Doing the taskdef''s in my Quartz job is not really an option however,
since I would like to keep the job generic, and placing the
ant-contrib.jar somewhere in the filesystem so that the build.xml can
explicitly reference it, is not what I want since that requires me to
manually place the jar somewhere in the filesystem (I can't rely on
the j2ee container actually extracting the war file and placing the
ant-contrib.jar in some calculable path )

An extra "oddity" is that the SQL task that my ant file uses, has no
trouble finding the JDBC driver which is also in the WEB-INF/lib dir

So my question is : Is there any way of having taskdef pick up classes
from the invoking classloader?


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