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From "Oski Wee" <>
Subject RE: Quotations in a property get corrupted when passed as an arg
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 11:29:12 GMT
James Abley <>wrote:

><property name="" value='argument that has a literal " as part of 
>its value' />

James, thanks for your suggestion.  I tried it, and it produces the same 
behavior as
<property name="" value="argument that has a literal &quot; as part 
of its value" />

Namely, the actual argument Ant passes is "argument that has a literal " as 
part of its value", including the surround quotations.

So, if I do an echo for each variable passed to the bat script, the single 
argument actually gets broken up into 6 pieces:
1: "argument that has a literal "
2: as
3: part
4: of
5: its
6: value"

Thanks anyhow.  I guess this isn't all that critical to my project.  I 
should focus on other parts of work. :)

But if someone has a solution or suggestion, I'd be glad to try it.

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