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From "Oski Wee" <>
Subject Quotations in a property get corrupted when passed as an arg
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 13:20:43 GMT
I am trying to read a property from my file and pass it as 
an <arg> to a script that I <exec>.  The problem is that the property value 
contains literal quotation marks inside, and they get corrupted during the 

This is the property in
jade.arg=AgentName:com.package.BookBuyerAgent("Some Book Title")

This is a snippet in build.xml:
<echo message="${jade.arg}" />
<exec executable="${jade.script}" spawn="true" dir="${build.dir} ">
<arg value="${jade.arg}"/>

The arg echoed in Ant just fine:
     [echo] AgentName:com.package.BookBuyerAgent("Some Book Title")

But then, in the script (which is a Windows .cmd file), the first line 
echoes the very same arg:
echo %1

And instead of the expected, I get:

There is an extra space and quotation in front.  This is not too bad, as I 
can work around that with some processing my script; or, if possible, in 
Ant, even?.

But the main problem is the missing chunk at the end.  What happened to the 
rest of the value, ' Book Title")' ?

Any ideas, suggestions appreciated.

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