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From "S I" <>
Subject RE: AINASL! Help with Parsing Files with Ant
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 00:46:35 GMT
Sorry, got pulled away all the day on a broken build.

Thank you for your help. That worked. :)

I have one more question please.  I got all the parts to work, however 
crued! Now I'm working on the date piece

I now modified my file as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project name="NextBuldNum" default="buildnum" basedir=".">

<property name="" value="date" />
<property name="sys.time" value="time" />

I AM LOST HERE NOW: The exec line by itself works but how do I get the 
result of the date.exe back into here? With Args?

<target name="timedate">
<exec executable="C:/cygwin/bin/date.exe `+%a %D %r`" />
<arg line="/c dir"/>


<target name="buildnum">

<buildnumber file="mybuild.number"/>


<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="false">[Version]</echo>
<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="true">${line.separator}</echo>

<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="true">Version=5.0</echo>
<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="true">${line.separator}</echo>

<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="true">Build=${build.number}</echo>
<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="true">${line.separator}</echo>

<echo file="verstamp1.txt" append="true">Date=${date}</echo>


-----------expected output---------
<!-- [Version] -->
<!-- Version=n.nn -->  Dictated by marketing; a constant for now
<!-- Build=nnn -->
<!-- Date=Wed 04/13/05 05:08:30 PM -->

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 > This is how my file should look like at anytime or rather build+1
 > ---------- content of target file [version.txt] --------------
 > [Version]
 > Version=5.0
 > Build=555
 > Date=Wed 04/13/05 05:08:30 PM
 > -------------------------------------------------------

Your problem is that this is not a .properties file, which have
a very specific format and semantic. If you maintained 2 files,
one a real property file with the same info, and another in your
desired format, you should be able to do what you want.

- CVS update both files, and version.txt
- Manipulate with <propertyfile>.
- Load the properties (with <property file="">) from the
- Simply <echo> your update version.txt file

   <echo file="version.txt">

You may have to prefix properties when re-loading them,
since Ant properties are immutable.

There are other ways to do this with regular expressions
and the tasks that use them, but I think the dual file
approach above is the simplest, and closest to what you tried.


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