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From "Kenneth McKnight" <>
Subject The <exec> type doesn't support the nested "echo" element
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 22:24:32 GMT
An offshore user running JDK 1.4.1_02 and Ant 1.6.1 is getting this
strange message:
The <exec> type doesn't support the nested "echo" element

Here's the snippet of code:
<!-- Small BME -->
    <echo message="Smalling bme..."/>
    <exec dir="${bwsrc.dir}/bme/commands" executable="makeall">
      <arg line="bmesmall"/>

'makeall' produces output like this:
$ makeall bmesmall
Using jvm.lib at "c:\local\jdk1.4.x\lib\jvm.lib"

Root directory: D:\ws\svn\jedi
Language: en/us, start time: Fri Apr 08 14:34:38 2005
WARNING! VCDIR not set. I'll try to find C++ stuff.
Building target "bmeSmall" (bwsrc\bme\bmesmall.bld:102)
del D:\ws\svn\jedi\export\bme\modules\ant.jar
del D:\ws\svn\jedi\export\bme\modules\applet.jar
del D:\ws\svn\jedi\export\bme\modules\autoupdate.jar

I can't get it to reproduce on my machine (only diff is I'm running JDK
1.4.1_05). Has anyone seen this before? What could be causing it?

ken :)
Kenneth J. Mc Knight
Staff Release Engineer
Release Group
Vitria Technology, Inc.
945 Stewart Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA  94085-3913

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