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Subject taskdef-classpath fails to add jars to classpath
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 16:06:25 GMT
I have the following:
 - ant 1.6.2 
 - FOP 0.20.5
 - WinXP Pro 2002 Service Pack 2
 - FOP_HOME is defined as "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\fop-0.20.5"
 - CLASSPATH is defined as "C:/apache-ant-1.6.2\lib\ant.jar;C:/apache-ant-1.6.2\lib\optional.jar;C:/apache-a
jar;c:\saxon\saxon-jdom.jar;C:\Xalan-J\bin\xalan.jar;C:\Program Files\Apache Sof
tware Foundation\fop-0.20.5/build/fop.jar;C:\junit3.8.1/junit.jar;C:\junit3.8.1"

In my build.xml file I have this taskdef:
<taskdef name="fop" classname="">
      <pathelement location="${env.FOP_HOME}/build/fop.jar"/>
      <pathelement location="${env.FOP_HOME}/lib/avalon-framework-cvs-20020806.jar"/>
      <pathelement location="${env.FOP_HOME}/lib/batik.jar"/>

Further along in build.xml is this target:
<target name="make-race-chart-pdf" description="converts the xsl-fo race chart to a .pdf
 <fop format="application/pdf" fofile="${output-dir}/${next-week}/" outfile="${output-dir}/${next-week}/race-chart.pdf"

When I execute ant I get this error message:
C:\Data\Pool-14.1\build.xml:10: taskdef A class needed by class org.apache.fop.t
ools.anttasks.Fop cannot be found: org/apache/avalon/framework/logger/Logger"

If I manually place the .jar files named in the <taskdef> in the CLASSPATH and execute
ant the build succeeds. Can anyone diagnose my problem?


Charles Knell - email

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