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From "Huditsch Roman" <>
Subject AW: Converting new or changed files with an batch file called from within ant
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 08:54:04 GMT
Hi James, 

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

> why not control Saxon directly from Ant ?
Would be nice. I am just uncertain how to do this properly ;)
> You can use the <xslt/> Ant task or use <java/> to invoke
> saxon...which may or may not have the built in up to date 
> checking you desire
hmm, I think I will try to do it with <xslt>. Do you know how I specify
my desired processor?
Is it @processor or @classpath? Or do I need to specify both?
Does it depend on the processor, if the input files are compared with
the existing output files for changes?
Does Saxon offer such an functionality?

> it depends on exactly how you have decided to perform 
> transformation to use such things as <uptodate/>....need a 
> little more info.
Before starting the transformation I have a "source" and a "result"
Doing the XSLT transformation I just have to convert files from within
my "source" folder,
which are newer than those files already existing in "result".
As you mentioned, I think I have to use <uptodate>, but I am - once
again - unsure
about the inner strucutre...Do I need to use <mapper> for defining the
target folder for those checkings?
A pretty general question, where do I put the <uptodate> element?
Directly within <target>?

Thank you very much again for your help!


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