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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: Append References? (refid question)
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2005 16:07:27 GMT
It sounds like you want to append to paths, which you denote using
references. Appending references does not make sense (to me at least).
You could probably append to your path using JavaScript, not with pure Ant
<project name="appendpath">
<path id="exampleID"/>
 <for list="a,b,c" param="example">
  <script language="javascript"> <![CDATA[
         // appendpath is the project object
         // get a pointer to the path as a reference
    ]]> </script>

> Hello:
> I think I've come up with a better way to ask my last question in a much
> more generic "how do I" type way.
> Is there a way to update a reference id within a loop?
> For example (not working code below but it shows more or less what I'm
> trying to do):
> <for list="a,b,c" param="example">
>     <sequential>
>         <path id="exampleID">
>             <pathelement path="@{example}" />
>         </path>
>     </sequential>
> </for>
> The above does NOT work because each time it loops through it resets the
> refid.  Unless I am missing something...
> What I'm hoping for is a way so that when the loop was all finished the
> refID would then return all the values that were handled in the loop.
> My goal is a little more complex -- looping over an xml file to read in
> lib
> files/paths -- I just don't want to read in the xml file each time I need
> to
> use the libs if at all possible.  Storing the lib references in an xml
> property file allows me to only have one file to reference from several
> sub
> projects.
> Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!
> Thanks,
> Brent

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