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From James Fuller <>
Subject Re: Unrelated ANT questions
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:23:27 GMT
S I wrote:

> OK,
> 1. Could someone please point me to the ANT mailing list etiquette
> page.  I do have a certain decorum but just didn't wanna step on any
> toes.  However, I don't see anything on
> or anything remotly describing the
> details of posting or posing a question, etc.

if you have a problem

a) try searching archives
b) try google
c) check out Ant WIKI
c) if failure on above, write email with descriptive summary line so
that others in the future can search for the answer to your question, if
anyone does answer it
d) if you think u have abherrant behavior check bug list for Ant before
sending email

people on this list (and many lists) answer questions though they are
not obliged too, also (as with much Open Source) expecting something to
be working in a certain way or why doesnt Ant have this functionality is
usually met with; why not help create it...

> 2. Unfortunately, all the emails from you guys is routed to my Hotmail
> Junk Folder.  I added to my list to prevent this, however,
> emails sent to me directly by the Users still go to my junk folder. 
> How do I prevent this from happening? By adding each of you?  That
> would be somewhat formidable, no?
this is definately off topic, u are going to have to ask someone at
hotmail this question.

> 3. When I receive emails from everyone whether directly addressed to
> me and my posed question or addressed to others... Do I use Reply to
> respond to the newsgroup/mailing list directly or do I email the
> individual(s) ONLY to keep the barrage of emails to a minimum?

u should just reply to the email list, not email list + person...though
for off topic conversations try to keep between personal emails.

hth, Jim

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