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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Getting WebLogic WL tasks to work in Ant 1.6.2
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 14:19:58 GMT
Mark Lybarger wrote:

>I've not had good experience myself using the wl supplied ant tasks, due to 
>this and the fact that the tasks seem limited. I used ant's java task to run 
>the wldeployer, etc to accomplish what the weblogic tasks provided.
>I don't know what type of licensing these tasks have on them, but I'd 
>suggest going to weblogic support for help on them.
>On 4/20/05, Karr, David <> wrote:
>>WebLogic 8.1 comes with a set of Ant tasks. These work fine in Ant
>>1.5.4, but they fail in Ant 1.6.2. In Ant 1.5.4, I just dump the
>>"weblogic.jar" in $ANT_HOME/lib. 
As far as I know, weblogic.jar has core ant classes (from ant 1.5.*) 
embedded in it. This of course
causes grief when used with ant 1.6.

You can check this by doing jar tf on the weblogic.jar file.


>>When I do this in Ant 1.6.2, I get CNF
>>exceptions for the task classes. I believe I've heard that these task
>>classes simply won't work in Ant versions newer than 1.5.4, but I'd at
>>least like to pursue this and find out what the correct process would
>>be, and if there are changes that would have to happen in the task
>>classes themselves, what kind of changes would be required?
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