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From Karsten Klohs <>
Subject Extension of the Javah-Task
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 08:12:07 GMT
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I am new to the list, so forgive me if I am asking the obvious ;-)

I have the following problem:

I need to run javah for a quite large amount of classes. These classes can be
easily collected into a fileset from my project directory tree. However, the
build-in javah task requires full qualified class name given in a special
<class name="some.package.class"> attribute.

The issue was brought up in this Mailing list a few month ago, but seems not
have to produced an answer. Thus, I will try to ask hopefully constructive

1. Has anyone solved the problem already?

2. (to experienced Ant users):
Is there any way to transform a given fileset into a list of attributes for a
task - i.e. can I transform a fileset of class-files into a list of class names
required by the javah task? I do not think so, but I want to be sure, that I
not going to do superfluouse work.

3. (to developers of Ant tasks):
I took a brief look at the development of Ant tasks and implementation of the
javah-task. I think that it should be quite easy (famous last words ;-)) to
extend the javah-task, so that it can take a fileset, transform the filenames
internally to classnames and use the existing functionality to run javah for
all classes corresponding to the given filenames. I appreciate any comments to
this idea.

4. (to the community):
Does anyone else have the same problem, so that it would be useful to
contribute a robust solution (if there is any ;-))? Otherwise, I will limit my
efforts to workaround that solves my problem.

To limit the traffic on the list, you can also contact me directly at the
adress taiko<at> and I will summarize the outcome later.

Best regards

Karsten Klohs
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