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From Nicolas Vervelle <>
Subject Re: Copiing newer files to a directory [was: using file names]
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 12:09:54 GMT

Maybe you could try using tasks from ant-contrib project at sourceforge.
I was thinking of something like:
<for param="file">
   <fileset dir="source" includes="*"/>
      <uptodate .... />
         <copy .../>

Huditsch Roman wrote:

>Thanks for the snippet!
>I found out that <var name="nameOfProperty" unset="true"/> you can reset a property.

>What I want to do is quite simple (although unachievable for me):
>I would like to copy all files from a directory "source", which are newer to those in
"result", to an own directory "input".
>So, source/a.xml needs to be compared to result/a.xml
>source/b.xml to result/b.xml and so on....
>At the end, the "input" directory should just hold  the new files...
>I don't know how to do this....
>Thanks very much for any help....

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