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From Milton Leis <>
Subject Inverting the selection of a patternset?
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 16:27:28 GMT
Anyone help with the following puzzle.  I have a carefully crafted 
patternset, like this:

   <patternset id="my.special.files">
     <include name="somedir/somesubdir/My" />
     <include name="somedir/somesubdir/**/Special" />
     <include name="anotherdir/Files" />

that I can use to ZIP the files like this:

   <zip destfile="">
     <fileset dir="root-of-files">
       <patternset refid="my.special.files"/>

How can I select all the files that are *not* in the same patternset?

   <zip destfile="">
     <fileset dir="root-of-files>
       _<<all files except those in refid="my.special.files">>  ???

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