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From James Adams <>
Subject Ant cannot find a file, but it's there
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2005 21:41:37 GMT
I am executing an Ant target which worked well a few
days ago, and now it complains that a file isn't
found. I can see the file in the directory tree so I
know it's there. Other Ant targets in the same
build.xml are working fine. I'm not sure if this is a
problem with Ant or with the task being run as part of
the target (Hibernate's SchemaExportTask). In any
event I'm pretty stumped, so I hope someone can give
me some ideas to try out to get over this hump.

I have the following target in my build.xml:

    <!-- Generate the database schemas for all mapping
files in our class tree -->
    <target name="schema"
            description="Generate database schemas
from the O/R mapping files">

        <!-- Teach Ant how to use Hibernate's schema
generation tool -->
        <taskdef name="schemaexport"

        <!-- Run the schema export task -->
            <!-- Make sure we don't overwrite the
FIRMS or TRADERS schemas -->
            <fileset dir="${class.root}">
                <exclude name="**/Firm.hbm.xml"/>
                <exclude name="**/Trader.hbm.xml"/>

When I run it (within Eclipse) I get the following

C:\cvshomedir\hibernate\build.xml:109: Schema text
failed: could not find file:

The operative variables are as such:
basedir == . (i.e. C:\cvshomedir\hibernate)
class.root == target/classes

The file is present as

The only thing I can think of is that I have updated
my Eclipse to version 3.1M6 since I last ran this
target -- I don't really think that that would have
anything to do with this, but I mention it just in

Any suggestions or insight will be greatly


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