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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: Unrelated ANT questions
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 19:00:17 GMT
--- S I <> wrote:
> OK,
> 1. Could someone please point me to the ANT mailing
> list etiquette page. 
You can read Jakarat mail list etiquette [1].

> I  do have a certain decorum but just didn't wanna
> step on any toes.
> However, I don't see anything on
> or anything remotly 
> describing the details of posting or posing a
> question, etc.
This is because Ant was some years ago part of Jakarta
project. Then Ant was moved to a top-level Apache
project but still Jakarta recommendations holds.

> 2. Unfortunately, all the emails from you guys is
> routed to my Hotmail Junk 
> Folder. I added to my list to prevent
> this, however, emails sent 
> to me directly by the Users still go to my junk
> folder. How do I prevent 
> this from happening? By adding each of you?  That
> would be somewhat 
> formidable, no?
> 3. When I receive emails from everyone whether
> directly addressed to me and 
> my posed question or addressed to others... Do I use
> Reply to respond to the 
> newsgroup/mailing list directly or do I email the
> individual(s) ONLY to keep 
> the barrage of emails to a minimum?
It is better to keep all the discussions in the
mailing list because they are archived and later your
questions and answers can be searched and referenced.


> Thanks
> Steven

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