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From "Suzanne Dorman" <>
Subject Does Ant support overlaying of files during Perforce sync?
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 16:31:49 GMT
As of version 2004.2 (I believe), Perforce supports overlaying files from
the depot to the local drive.  For example, if my clientspec specifies the

//depot/EDITSolutions/DummyB2/...                 //BuildClient/DummyB2/...
+//depot/EDITSolutions/HedgeFundDummyBase/...     //BuildClient/DummyB2/...

It will overlay the files in //depot/EDITSolutions/HedgeFundDummyBase onto
the same local space where the //depot/EDITSolutions/DummyB2 files were
synced. (NOTE the '+' makes this happen).

Does Ant know how to handle this?  I tried to sync to
//depot/EDITSolutions/DummyB2/... and then tried to sync to
+//depot/EDITSolutions/HedgeFundDummyBase/... but Ant seemed quite confused
by this.  It seemed to get the root path mixed up.  The clientspec has
C:\Temp\Perforce\Build as the root.  c:\LifeCycleSupport\Build is where I am
running the build but that shouldn't get involved when doing a sync. 

     [echo] Incremental fetch
   [p4sync] //depot/EDITSolutions/DummyB2/... - file(s) up-to-date.
   [p4sync] error: Path
undDummyBase/...' is not under client's root 'C:\Temp\Perforce\Build'.

C:\LifeCycleSupport\Build\buildOverlay.xml:56: Problem exec'ing P4 command:
r: Path
' is not under client's root 'C:\Temp\Perforce\Build'.

Am I missing something or is Ant not prepared for this?  Is the '+' a
special character in Ant?

Suzanne Dorman

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