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From "Marion, Patrick" <>
Subject Is there a way to turn off "user defined properties"?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 22:10:25 GMT
The Ant doc says about the <ant> task:

"By default, all of the properties of the current project will be available
in the new project. Alternatively, you can set the inheritAll attribute to
false and only "user" properties (i.e., those passed on the command-line)
will be passed to the new project. In either case, the set of properties
passed to the new project will override the properties that are set in the
new project (See also the property task
<>). "

I have an <ant> target, with inheritall=false. A user types on the command
line: "ant -Dsomeprop=somevalue target":

By the time I get to the <ant> task, I have processed the "user" properties,
and need to call the new build file without "someprop" being defined
(because the build file I am calling needs a chance to define it for itself
- through the use of a property file).  

The only way I can think of for achieving this effect is to replace the
<ant> task with an <exec> executing ant as on a command line, without the
"-Dsomeprop=somevalue" as argument.

Is there a more "ant'ish" way to do this?


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