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Subject putting it together
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 10:26:18 GMT
List:       ant-user
Subject:    Re: putting it together
From:       Stefan Bodewig <bodewig () apache ! org>
Date:       2005-03-17 8:40:32
Message-ID: <m3ll8m3bsv.fsf () bodewig ! bost ! de>
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On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, THUFIR HAWAT <> wrote:

> but, how do you put these together into a target?

By reading the first paragraph under the headline "manifest" in
<> which says

| This element is identical to the manifest task, but the file and mode
| attributes must be omitted.

ouch, fair enough.

file and mode attributes are types of tags?  I haven't found a
definition, but I did find a reference to tar by searching a pdf
version of the manual for "mode attribute".

Class doesn't support the "file" 

	<target name="package" depends="compile">
		<jar destfile="test.jar" basedir=".">
			<manifest file="MANIFEST.MF">
				<attribute name="Built-By" value="${}"/>
				<section name="common">
					<attribute name="Specification-Title" value="Example"/>
					<attribute name="Specification-Version" value="${version}"/>
					<attribute name="Specification-Vendor" value="Example Organization"/>
					<attribute name="Implementation-Title" value="common"/>
					<attribute name="Implementation-Version" value="${version} ${TODAY}"/> 
					<attribute name="Implementation-Vendor" value="Example Corp."/>
				<section name="common/class1.class">
					<attribute name="Sealed" value="false"/>

thanks again,


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