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From "David TROGDON" <>
Subject &quote; in a property ${}
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2005 16:56:26 GMT

In my build script I kick off a Windows command line to run an installation
creation application. The command line includes (simplified):

<exec executable=" &quote;Program To Run&quote;">
      <arg value="&quote;Path to Version&quote;/>

This occurs pretty far into the build process and I'd like vary the "arg
value" by useing a property near the top of the Ant script.

If I create a propery similar to:

<property name="install.version" Value="&quote;Path to Version&quote;/>

and change the "arg value" to:

arg value="${install.version}/>

Will it "parse" (if that is the correct word) and run as expected with the
&quote; in the property?

I thought one of the great minds here might know up front with out my
haveing to "blow up" my build to find out.


David T.

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