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From "Allwicher, Klaus" <>
Subject "Infinite Logging" when logging with log4j listener
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:09:56 GMT

I have problems configuring ANT to use the log4j listener.
Everything works fine until, I invoke a self written java class with the
<java> task. This java class also uses log4j for logging purposes.
After the successful execution of the java class, the next <echo> task fails
with the message:
	xxx:84: Listener attempted to access System.out - infinite loop
I have tried to modify the log4j configuration, so that the java class logs
all it's output in files. I also redirect the optional direct output of the
class (which only occurs, if not logging configuration is found) in a
property. Finally I also used two different property files for the Log4J
configuration (one for ANT, one for the java program), where I differently
configured the rootLogger. But nothing eliminates the error.

Any ideas why this error occurs and how I can resolve it ?

Klaus Allwicher

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