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From rakesh mailgroups <>
Subject <Fail> question
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 10:38:14 GMT

I would like my build file to abort if a file does not exist.

I couldn't find a way to find out if the file exists, but I did see a
way to check for the existence of properties (since the file is a
property file), I did this:

<target name="checkProperties">
        <echo>Value of password is ${sun.password}</echo>
	<fail unless="${sun.password}"/>

However, here's the result:

Buildfile: C:\Projects\HelloSample\build.xml
     [echo] Value of password is admin
BUILD FAILED: C:\Projects\HelloSample\build.xml:29: unless=admin

It shouldn't fail since the property is set but it does.



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