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From Richard Easterling <>
Subject JAM 2.1 Ant framework released
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2005 06:56:09 GMT
JAM 2.1 was released last week under the Apache 2.0 license.  JAM combines 
high level Maven-like descriptive features with a collection of reusable 
modules allowing you to create robust Java/J2EE, test-driven builds with 
just a few lines of Ant script.  JAM uses a standard set of commands that 
you customize for your project and JAM's Maven-to-Ant bridge manages 
classpaths, dependencies, versioning, and resource downloads automatically. 
JAM modules support JBoss, Tomcat 5, Resin, Oracle OC4J, JUnit, Cactus, 
XDoclet, CVS, Axis, Castor, JMX EJBs, and Hibernate.

If your build file is getting big or you'd just like to see an example of 
managing builds in a clean, modular fashion, JAM is worth a look.

JAM User's Guide:
JAM examples including a complete EJB/Struts Petstore demo:

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