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From John Cortell <>
Subject RE: launching Ant from a perl script
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 14:33:37 GMT
I had tried that, too, but that opens up a different can of worms. The perl 
script I'm writing can't assume that .pl is registered as an executable 
extension (such that one can simply type, for example,, at a 
command line and the file will automatically by fed to perl.exe). So I 
can't do something like:

         ` -version`;

in my perl script. It would have to be

         `perl $ENV{ANT_HOME}/bin/ -version`;

OK. That works, but my actual scenario is more complicated. I'm not 
directly writing a perl script but rather composing a data file. In the 
data file, I'll be specifying a literal string that will be invoked as a 
command in a perl script. Yes; it's all very messy and I'll spare you all 
the gory details. I could probably make that work with some enhancements to 
the system I'm working with, but that's a lot of work that could be avoided 
if ant.bat file simply returned the error code.

Since I can fix *that* issue by simply adding an 'exit' at the end of 
ant.bat, that's what I'll probably do. Hopefully someone in the Apache ant 
development team is following this thread and makes the change in the 
production bat file.

Thanks for the suggestion,

At 05:54 AM 3/11/2005, Keith Hatton wrote:
>Isn't there a in your ANT_HOME/bin?

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