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From "Payette, Don J" <>
Subject RE: IllegalAccessException
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 19:34:30 GMT
It's sorta case sensitive.  By that I mean that all files
are generally in upper case, and when you type file names in,
they get upcased, unless you explicitly quote, then upcasing
doesn't happen.    For example, I had also tried copying
/-/JAVA142/OBJECT/JAVA as /-/JAVA142/DIR/JRE/BIN/"java" to
see if it made a difference.  It didn't.

JAVA_PACK is my own define that I added with -DJAVA_PACK=JAVA142.

FYI, the /-/NAME notation indicates that NAME is the name of
a disk family.  Kinda like C: on windows, but it can be more
than one physical disk that collectively goes by NAME.  JAVA142
is the disk (or pack) that java resides on.

I'm not sure what you mean by "normal" name, but a "longer" name
is the Unisys ClearPath MCP.

Don Payette

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-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Bodewig [] 
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: IllegalAccessException

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Don J. Payette <> wrote:
> This
>     <java jvm="/-/${JAVA_PACK}/OBJECT/JAVA">
>     </java> 
> works.  Correct about /bin/java not working.
> I added
>     <echo>"java.home '${java.home}'"</echo>
>     <echo>" '${}'"</echo>
> and got
>      [echo] "java.home '/-/JAVA142/DIR/JRE'"      
>      [echo] " 'MCP/AS'"                    

Interesting, thanks.  Is ${JAVA_PACK} the same as ${java.home} or
where does it point?

> This gave me the idea to copy OBJECT/JAVA as
> /-/JAVA142/DIR/JRE/BIN/JAVA and remove the jvm= line.  So I tried
> it.  It still doesn't work.

Is the file system case sensitive?  Or maybe Java thinks it is (and
this considers /-/JAVA142/DIR/JRE/BIN/JAVA and
/-/JAVA142/DIR/JRE/BIN/java to be different.

What was the "normal" name of the OS (so if we fix it we know what to
put into the docs).

> Here's what happens without the jvm= workaround:
> -     % #1: (DONP)LIST/STDERR ON SYSTEM (Records: 1-31 of 31)

No idea, sorry.

If you run Ant with -verbose you may get an idea of what Ant is trying
to do.  Maybe you can find something that looks wrong for your


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