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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: How to select the view in p4add?
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 20:15:36 GMT
Hello Suzanne,

when you are adding files in Perforce, if you are telling Perforce which 
files to add by path,
you need to specify which Perforce client you are using; this is what 
tells Perforce where the files
should go to on the Perforce server. (this is independent of Ant).

to specify a specific Perforce client, you can

a) set globally a property
<property name="p4.client" value="myperforceclient"/>
this one will be used by all your Perforce tasks invocations,

b) or add to each perforce task invocation the attribute "client"

for instance

<p4change client="myperforceclient"/>
<p4add commandlength="20000" changelist="${p4.change}" client="myperforceclient">
    <fileset dir="../dir/src/" includes="**/*.java"/>
<p4submit change="${p4.change}" client="myperforceclient"/>

Hopes this helps,


Suzanne Dorman wrote:

>I am trying to use p4add for the first time.  I know you have to do a
>p4change to create a new changelist, do the add to that changelist, and then
>do a p4submit to submit the changelist.  But how do I tell p4add where in
>the Perforce depot to add the file?  I don't see a option to specify the
>view.  I thought it would take the view from my last p4sync but it didn't,
>it took a previous p4sync view instead.
>Here is the example from the Ant user manual.  It never specifies where the
>files will be added.
><p4add commandlength="20000" changelist="${p4.change}">
>    <fileset dir="../dir/src/" includes="**/*.java"/>
><p4submit change="${p4.change}"/>
>Suzanne Dorman

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