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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Configuring a custom task
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 12:56:53 GMT
Yves Martin wrote:
> Upayavira <> writes:

>>1) Every time I use my task, I have to pass the task the classpath
>>definition, as the task needs to create a new classloader with which to run
>>my application. Is there a way to remove the necessity to mention the
>>classpath, deriving it from the one used within the <taskdef>?
>  I know only one: put your jar with the compiled class and a antlib.xml
>  resource (or a property file) in the ANT_HOME/lib directory.

That is exactly what I want to avoid - I'm interfacing to another system 
that has 30 or more jars, so putting them into the ANT_HOME/lib is just 
not practical. That's why I want to get hold of the classpath used in 
the taskdef, from within the Task, so that I don't have to specify it 
against the task itself.

>>2) The application that the task is invoking requires a system property to be
>>set. So my task takes in a property 'config', and sets the system property
>>before invoking the application. But again, this needs to be done every
>>time. Is there (a) a way to set a system property once that will effect all
>>tasks or (b) would someone recommend a specific way to provide this
>>configuration just once, e.g. set a property, and have the task always look
>>for a property of that name. Is there a convention here?
>  I'm not sure to have well understand your idea but you may move your 'propery'
>  task out of the target - so it is common to all targets.

Yes, I can define a property once, and I presume I can get at that 
property from within the Task. Now, is it reasonable practice for a task 
to always check for a specific property? With that property name 
embedded into the task itself?

Thanks again.

Regards, Upayavira

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