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From "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
Subject Re: Question about using mapper to change filename case
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 23:03:10 GMT
I think something like that should work:

<copy ...>
<globmapper from="*.dll" to="*.DLL" casesensitive="false"/>

- Alexey.

Ninju Bohra wrote:

>Hello all,
>OS: WindowsXP
>ANT: 1.6.2
>I need files from one directory (tableset.source.dir)
>copied to another (buildDirectory\...), so I wrote:
>        <property name="tableset.source.dir"
>        <copy
>           <fileset dir="${tableset.source.dir}"/>
>        </copy>
>All was well until the people who want the
>buildDirectory contents said that all the *.dll files
>should end with uppercase *.DLL filename however the
>people who populate the tableset.source.dir told me
>that they unable (or unwilling) to guarantee that
>*.dll files will be ending with uppercase *.DLL and
>had asked me if there is any that I can handle it.
>This seems like a job for <mapper> man !!!
>So how do I do either of the following options:
>1) Uppercase the extensions of the files that end with
>*.dll (case insenstive) as I copy them out
>OR an even better option...
>2) Rename the files in the tableset.source.dir so that
>the *.dll extensions are cased properly and then I
>should be able to do a simple copy.
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/ Alexey N. Solofnenko

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