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From Sven Waibel <>
Subject Exec Perl Prog with Arguments
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 09:54:00 GMT
Hi everybody,

a part of my build.xml

	<property file="" />

	<target name="translate_plugins" if="${perl}">
 	<path id="plugin.files.xsl">
		<fileset dir="./plugins" includes="*.xsl" />
	<exec executable="${perl}" >
        	<arg path= "${} {refid='plugin.files.xsl'}"/>


perl =		d:/perl/bin/perl.exe	d:/db_transl/

My perl script renames files into files_en, so i want to execute my perl script and that should
rename all the files
ending with xsl.

perl script syntax: file

How do i get this work?


Best regards

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