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From "Suzanne Dorman" <>
Subject Problem picking up correct view in p4labelsync
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:42:26 GMT
I am using Ant 1.6.2 and trying to do a p4labelsync.  First I create the
label, then do the labelsync which "tags" the appropriate files to the

Identifying which files will get tagged is done via the view option.  Here
is my simplified xml:

<project name="editSolutions" default="setLabel">

    <!-- Set Perforce properties -->
    <property name="p4.port"              value="mystic:1666"/>
    <property name="p4.user"              value="sdorman"/>
    <property name="p4.client"            value="Build"/>

	<target name="setLabel">

        <p4label name="TestingLabelForChangeList25_4" desc="Testing to see
if picking up correct labelsync view"/>
        <p4labelsync name="TestingLabelForChangeList25_4"



But it doesn't tag just files within
//depot/EDITSolutions/BaseNotConvertedNewStructure, it gets files from
another project //depot/DeployWizard.  Here is a small sample:

//depot/DeployWizard/src/deploy/ui/widget/ <text> Changelist
00004 <add>
//depot/DeployWizard/src/deploy/ui/widget/ <text> Changelist
00004 <add>
//depot/DeployWizard/src/deploy/ui/widget/ <text> Changelist
00004 <add>
//depot/DeployWizard/src/deploy/ui/widget/ <text> Changelist
00004 <add>
//depot/DeployWizard/src/deploy/ui/widget/ <text> Changelist
00004 <add>
//depot/DeployWizard/src/deploy/util/ <text>
Changelist 00004 <add>
lasses-frame.html#3 <text> Changelist 00024 <add>
lasses-noframe.html#3 <text> Changelist 00024 <add>
tant-values.html#3 <text> Changelist 00024 <add>
ne/Area.html#3 <text> Changelist 00024 <add>

It appears to be applying the view but also picking up other views specified
in the clientSpec called Build.  Here are the views specified in that

//depot/EDITSolutions/... //Build/... 
//depot/DeployWizard/... //Build/DeployWizard/...

If I create a new clientSpec called BuildTemp and only specify the following

//depot/EDITSolutions/... //BuildTemp/... 

and then change my Ant file to use BuildTemp for p4.client, the labelsync
works correctly.  I only get files within
//depot/EDITSolutions/BaseNotConvertedNewStructure which is what I want.

I tested the same label and labelsync commands directly with Perforce and
did not have a problem.

Is this a bug or am I using these commands incorrectly?  I tried to use them
the same way I would use the p4 commands.

Thank you,

Suzanne Dorman

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