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From Kevin Duffey <>
Subject problem with zipfileset and fileset storing directories with xml files in them
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 20:38:11 GMT
Hey all,

I am hoping I am just losing my mind here. When I use
the WAR, JAR or ZIP task to create an archive, every
time I try to store any directories that have .xml
files in them, the directories are lowercased. Always.
I do something like this:

<zip destdir="${dist.dir}/file.war">
  <zipfileset dir="${web.dir}/WEB-INF"

Every time I open the file.war (or if I name it or anything else.. its the same), the WEB-INF
path is ALWAYS lowercased to web-inf/ in the path
column of the zip file. If I use a dir like KKII that
is stored on the filesystem in uppercase (windows
system) and even specify a prefix that is all
uppercase, if there is a .xml file below that dir, the
dir name is ALWAYS lowercased in the archive. If there
isn't a .xml file, it is stored with whatever case I
use in the prefix="". 

Please tell me why this is? The reason is, at least
unless something else is wrong, when I try to deploy
my .war file to tomcat (5.5.7), the .war file when I
open it in winzip shows both WEB-INF/ paths and
web-inf/ paths. The web-inf/ paths are where my
web.xml is found. The output of tomcat says it can't
find the web.xml of my web application.  Even if I
name ALL the dirs to web-inf/ lowercase I still get
this. On disk, it shows up (once tomcat expands the
.war file) was WEB-INF, but it still for some reason
is not finding the web.xml.

Anyone got any clues? Why is the war/zip/jar task
always lowercasing dirs with .xml files in them? I
would expect it to behave as I tell it to, using
prefix="" to upper-case.


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